Beard Date

New Dating Website Celebrates Bearded Mean, And Beard Lovers Around The Globe

A love of facial hair is not only a hipster trend, but a desired trait for many seeking love.

NATIONWIDE, 2015— is a global dating website designed exclusively for men with beards, or singles searching specifically for a love interest with a beard. While there is no shortage of dating websites with advanced personality matching algorithms out there, not every trait an individual is searching for can be achieved in a standard filter—such as those searching for a love interest with a beard. The site does not box itself in, men seeking women, women seeking men, and men seeking men are all welcome.</p><blockquote>“Any man with a beard can tell you, that not every love interest is down with their beard. And anyone searching for a love interest with a beard can tell you, that not every man wants to grow a beard. This is one of the many things that makes our site unique.” “We all have particular features we are attracted to. For some it’s hair color, eye color, or a specific build—for many there is just something extra special about a man who sports a beard.”</blockquote><p>While growing a beard tends is certainly a current hipster trend, the site also attracts the attention of the classic gentleman with a beard, bikers with beards, and long-term beard enthusiasts. While all men on the website sport beards, they site still provides the standard website dating tools—such as matching members with potential love interests, chatting, and even the ability send electronic gifts before meetingin person. Whether singles find a beard to be a sign of sophistication, masculinity, strength, or individuality will vary from person to person—but make no doubt about it, the desire for a beard is strong. To further support the beard-loving community, will soon offer beard-related gifts designed for bearded beauties. Please visit <a href=""></a> to learn more.

Beard Date

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